Slime Drop 6/29/20

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All slimes are 8+oz except 4oz minis.

Each charm pack will have 2-3+ random charms.

Putty Egg Signature Textures
chewy - semi-thick, pokeable, stretchy.
fluff - fluffy, whipped, creamy, squishy, poofy, light, airy, soft, stretchy, inflatable.
fluff fizz - a fluffy snow fizz. soft, poofy, airy, inflatable, easy to fluff up. more fluffy than mousse fizz.
jelly puff - snow fizz/jelly slime hybrid, soft, inflatable, stretchy, sizzly. the texture is denser than sorbet texture.
jiggly puff - jiggly, soft, pokeable, stretchy, inflatable. feels like pudding/custard/tofu.
korean snow fizz - snow fizz made with korean glue. soft, sizzly, inflatable.
mochi puff - thick, super soft, inflatable. feels like mochi.
mousse fizz - super light snow fizz/mousse texture. sizzly, airy, soft, puffy, inflatable, slower stretch. feels softer than fluff fizz. 
putty puff - snow fizz with bingsu beads. super crispy, crackling, inflatable.
slush - very soft, bubbly, bouncy, puffy, squishy, inflatable, slower stretch. feels like an icee.
jelly sorbet - made with korean glue. light, soft, inflatable, stretchy, sizzly. feels like sorbet. similar to jelly puff texture except it has less snow fizz.
taffy - super chewy, stretchy, thick, holdable. chewier than chewy texture. gets fluffy the more you stretch. feels like laffy taffy/hi-chews.
wood glue chewy - thick, chewy, glossy, holdable, slower stretch, inflatable.
wood glue thickie - made with wood glue + thick white glue. thick, glossy, holdable, slower stretch.

About Putty Egg™+
Established on March 2018 in Rhode Island, USA.

Every ᴘᴜᴛᴛʏ ᴇɢɢ™ slime is uniquely hand-crafted with love and care. Color, texture, and appearance variation of slime may slightly vary from batch to batch. Slime can deflate due to the weather during transit and may shrink over time. This is completely normal.

Do not eat non-edible slimes. Keep slime away from small children and pets. Adult supervision is recommended.

Do not play with slime if you have an allergic reaction to glue, borax, dyes and pigments, carrier oils, fragrance oils, or cosmetic and household ingredients.

Read our Slime Tips on how to take care of your slime.
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We are not responsible for lost or refused packages.

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